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Our treeoil company is that differentiates"100% natural Phytoncide"

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Natural Air Purification

Phytoncide is a natural antibiotic that
keeps your family healthy by restraining pathogens
in a pleasant forest environment and
strengthening immunity with
heart rest and deep sleep

Indoor space more dangerous than air pollution
(fine dust, smog)

Recently, as the fine dust problem became serious, the mask became a necessity of life.However, the harmful substances generated when cooking at home are far more dangerous than fine dust.And we are living in indoors that is more dangerous than outdoors because there is a much greater chance that harmful substances in the indoors will penetrate the body than outdoors. That's why there's a growing interest in phytoncide, a natural air purifier.

People heading to the forest

Recently, due to the fact that air pollution is considered a social problem, local groups are leading the way to experience forest bathing. Health is always about people's interests and trying to take advantage of the forest's beneficial effects. However, because it is not always possible to enjoy forest bathing, the apartments that are being made are said to be constructed with the utmost importance to make a small forest around them

Phytoncide called natural air purifier

Plants in the forest have evolved to protect themselves for a long time. The phytoncide was made in this the process. Phytoncide is a 100% natural substance emitted by plants to protect them from bacteria and insects. Among them, coniferous trees, especially phytoncide from cypress, are harmless to human body and have more effect than any air purifier. With phytoncide forest baths, you can achieve the same effect in the forest indoors.
  • 일반가정 이미지· Stress removal
    · Sleep effects (insomnia removed)
    · Fatigue recovery
    · Odor removal
    · Antimicrobial / insect repellent effect
    · Sick house syndrome causing substances (formaldehyde) removed
  • 병원 이미지· Psychological stability due to increased comfort
    · Strong antibacterial action
    · Increased immunity
    · Secondary infection prevention
  • 학교 이미지· Improved learning efficiency through increased concentration
    · Prevention / improvement of respiratory diseases and various skin diseases (atopy, etc.)
    · Sterilization and purification
  • 공공장소 이미지· Same effect as forest bathing in the city
    · Eliminate various odors
    · Prevention of various disease infections
  • 사무실 이미지· Improved work efficiency through increased concentration
    · Fatigue Recovery
    · Stress relief
    · Providing a more pleasant environment when visiting customers
  • 상업공간 이미지· Odor elimination and air purifier능
    · Provide forest feeling in store
    · Provide comfort for visitors
    · Desire to buy