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Our treeoil company is that differentiates"100% natural Phytoncide"

아이들이 웃는모습과 피톤치드 산림욕기 사진  


Phytoncide helps you get a deep sleep,
When you go in the forest, your head is clear
and you relax Your mind and body will be stabilized
and you will be able to get a good night's sleep
with a relaxed mind by relieving stress
and increasing alpha waves

in your brain.

Insomnia in 1 person out of 5!

It is said that 20% of the population does not sleep normally and suffers from insomnia. 5% of them are suffering from extreme pain that leads to chronicity. The pain of not being able to sleep simply is great, but it can lead to physical and mental problems, so it is important to find ways to actively overcome this, not the idle thought of "many people.".

불면증의 원인, 각성효과, 카페인,니코틴,알코올,우울증,강박적 사고, 생활패턴, 신체적 요인, 과도한 스트레스, 허전함을 채우려는 보상심리  

Effects of Insomnia on Physical and Mental

잎사귀 이미지Headache and muscle pain

It is the most common symptom of those who complain of insomnia. You should rest your brain and muscles with enough sleep. But if you can't sleep, you'll have tension and headache and muscle pain.

잎사귀 이미지Decreased brain function

Without a good night's sleep, the brain cannot rest. In the long term, brain function decreases, which leads to decreased memory and concentration, which reduces academic / work efficiency.

잎사귀 이미지 Psychological anxiety symptoms

Insomnia and depression are quite closely related. As the vicious cycle continues, the likelihood of developing depression and anxiety increases.

잎사귀 이미지 Risk of adult diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes

While sleeping, your body should have enough time to rest, but if you do not get enough sleep because of insomnia, your tissues may feel tired and develop into various diseases.

Lifestyle to Overcome Insomnia

잎사귀 이미지Regular life patterns

Naturally, it is important to fall asleep at the appointed time. If you take a nap for a long time, 15 minutes is recommended because it adversely affects your lifestyle.

잎사귀 이미지Create a good sleeping environment

The bedroom is dark and quiet and has a nice cool temperature. If you're sensitive, even a minute clock sound can have a negative impact.

잎사귀 이미지Exercise light

Moderate exercise can help you to recover your biorhythms, which is good for overcoming insomnia. However, it is good to exercise regularly and only 3 hours before bed.

잎사귀 이미지1 hour before bed

Before going to sleep, the body warms up with lukewarm water and then sleeps. During this time, the body temperature drops, making it easier to sleep.

잎사귀 이미지Avoid using smartphones, TVs and computers before going to sleep

Blue light from electronic devices suppresses sleep hormones, so it's best to refrain from sleeping an hour before you go to bed

잎사귀 이미지 Finding Psychological Stability

One of the various causes of insomnia is anxiety. Anxiety about going to sleep interferes with deep sleepIt is important not to think that you should sleep but to think positively. To this end, it is better not to look at the watch if possible