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Our treeoil company is that differentiates"100% natural Phytoncide"

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Odor removal

In forests, rotten leaves and other odorous amines
from animal feces or dead bodies react with
phytoncide to become "odorless" amino acids.
Phytoncide excels in removing pets' urine,
ammonia odors, tobacco odors,
smoky odors and nasty smells

Odor in all living spaces!

Odor literally means bad smell. If you continue to smell these unpleasant odors for a long time, you may experience various symptoms such as mental stress, headache, vomiting and loss of smell. Since 2005, it has a bad effect not only on you but also on people around you. In fact, odor is always in the living space, so constant management is always needed.

화장실 하수구  

Why phytoncide is good for bad smell

잎사귀 이미지Effect in the woods

Phytoncide is 100% natural material extracted directly from Cypress. You don't have to go to the forest to get the same effect you have in the forest.

잎사귀 이미지Strong deodorizing effect

It is not to be covered up with a stronger, better scent to remove unpleasant odors. It has the effect of directly decomposing and removing odor sources.

잎사귀 이미지Mites, mold removal

It inhibits bacteria such as mites and fungi that cause harmful effects on respiratory diseases and cause unpleasant odors. In particular, care should be taken because ticks, molds, etc. can directly affect the human body.

잎사귀 이미지Providing a subtle and good incense

Not only does it eliminate the source of odors, it also has a distinctive good scent to create a more pleasant environment.

잎사귀 이미지Steady management, not one-off

If you make food right away at home, you can get bad smells.