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Our treeoil company is that differentiates"100% natural Phytoncide"

아이들이 웃는모습과 피톤치드 산림욕기 사진  

Sick house syndrome(New house)

Phytoncide removes formaldehyde,
the cause of sick house syndrome,
a substance that causes atopy.

What is sick house syndrome(New house)

Sick house syndrome is caused by headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath, asthma, rhinitis and dermatitis due to about 140 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from adhesives, paints, antioxidants and preservatives used in new bark or renovated buildings. Is triggered These days not only comprehensively include new buildings, but also include diseases caused by bad indoor air caused by mold, bacteria, ticks, pets, etc. The reason why sick house syndrome is a big problem is that it occurs in the indoor space where we live. Indoors are always more cautious because they have a greater chance of getting harmful substances into the body than outside.


Why is phytoncide for sick house syndrome?

It takes about 2 to 4 years for the sick house syndrome to disappear. Therefore, it can be improved in a short time by one or two installations, but it only brings a temporary effect. In particular, sick house syndrome occurs not only in new buildings but also in the process of changing furniture and interiors, and more comprehensive concepts can occur due to various causes such as molds and ticks.

잎사귀 이미지100% natural substance

Phytoncide extracted from cypress is 100% natural substance which is harmless to human body. No matter how bad a sick house syndrome or a product that has a good effect on the removal of harmful substances should not cause another problem.

잎사귀 이미지Removal of harmful substances

The strong sterilization / antibacterial ability of phytoncide has the effect of completely decomposing and removing harmful substances of sick house syndrome in the air.

잎사귀 이미지 Deodorant effect

nstead of covering up the bad smell with a good scent and erasing it, it has the effect of neutralizing and breaking down the source of the bad smell. The unique scent also makes you feel like you are in the woods.

잎사귀 이미지Convenient and steady management

New house syndrome does not disappear completely with one or two constructions and can occur again at any time (furniture, interior replacement, etc.). Using phytoncide forest bath, you can prevent / remove harmful substances in sick house syndrome at any time for 365 days.

잎사귀 이미지Various additional effects

Not only does it remove harmful substances in sick house syndrome, but you can also feel the various effects of forests such as relieving stress, increasing concentration, and insomnia.
아이들이 웃는모습과 피톤치드 산림욕기 사진  

Sick house syndrome(old house)

Phytoncide suppresses the growth of house dust mites,
which is the cause of atopy that occurs in old house
and helps the atopy calming effect by keeping
indoor air clean in the forest.

Old house as dangerous as a new house

There are many stories about the danger of sick house syndrome through various media, and many people are working hard to get rid of sick house syndrome. But a house as old as a new house is dangerous. Older houses will accumulate various pollutants that threaten your health, including molds, mites, and harmful substances in the drainpipe. Not only is it difficult to ventilate during the winter, but the heating and humidification of the room makes the interior hot and humid, causing mold and bacteria that have been hidden throughout the house to proliferate and threaten the health of the family. Ventilation is the most convenient way to solve this problem in life, but it is often not possible to ventilate because of the weather and the surrounding environment. That's why phytoncide forest baths, which have the same effect of leaving forests at home, are used as a way to get rid of the syndrome.

Causes and Symptoms of Sick house syndrome
(old house)

잎사귀 이미지Mold

A good place to live mold is a humid place. It often occurs in toilets, verandas, and underground spaces. Older homes are aging and can be easily exposed to moisture. *Symptoms: rhinitis, skin disease, weakening of cotton, bronchitis, asthma, allergies, presence of carcinogen-inducing fungi, depression, etc.

잎사귀 이미지Mite

House dust mite, which eats keratin, dandruff, etc. of people and animals, is a cause of various diseases, so care must be taken at all times. *Symptoms: asthma, atopy, allergic diseases, rhinitis, nasal congestion, conjunctivitis, etc.

잎사귀 이미지Harmful substances in old drainpipe

As the building ages naturally, Various harmful substances such as methane gas, ammonia, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide accumulate in the gas pipe and directly affect the human body through the drain pipe. *Symptoms: itching, headache, dizziness, fatigue, asthma, rhinitis, allergies, skin diseases, etc.

잎사귀 이미지Various organic compounds

Even in old homes, replacing furniture, wallpaper, floor coverings, etc. can cause harmful effects on the human body by generating various organic compounds such as acetone, formaldehyde, and benzene, which are the causes of sick house syndrome. *Symptoms: 두통, 구토, 혈액 장애, 각종 피부질환, 천식 등

Why phytoncide is good for clearing syndrome?

In recent years, air pollution problems such as fine dust are serious, but more harmful substances that adversely affect the human body are present in the living house. The most basic way to solve the syndrome is to send various harmful substances to the outside through ventilation. Therefore, phytoncide is the best way to get rid of congestion syndrome by directly removing various pollutants in the air and creating a pleasant home environment.

잎사귀 이미지Strong sterilization effect

Phytoncide has the effect of completely inhibiting bacteria such as volatile, organic compounds, mites, and fungi, which are the main causes of congestion syndrome. By directly eliminating (inhibiting) harmful substances in the house, symptoms of the syndrome can be prevented at all times regardless of the weather or the influence of the surrounding environment.

잎사귀 이미지Strong deodorizing effect

The common problem with the main causes of the syndrome is odor. Phytoncide does not cover bad smell with good scent, but has the effect of removing the bad smell itself by directly decomposing the source.

잎사귀 이미지Prevention of various skin and respiratory diseases

Mites and fungi cause allergies and skin diseases such as atopy. Phytoncide has the effect of directly eliminating these bacteria and increasing emollience to prevent (healing) various skin diseases and respiratory diseases. In addition, it has the effect of protecting the skin of those with sensitive skin by suppressing the bacteria that cause skin problems.

잎사귀 이미지Easy Air Purifier Phytoncide Spray

Contribution syndrome is not a sudden problem but a present progressive disease that always occurs in the space where we live.Rather than resolving a disease after it has occurred, always make your home air fresh and prevent it. Phytoncide Spray can make your living space comfortable anytime, anywhere.