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Our treeoil company is that differentiates"100% natural Phytoncide"

Self defense and attack means of trees, phytoncide

피톤치드 잎사귀 그림  

Phytoncide is a volatile substance produced by trees and its main component is an organic compound called "terpene." When you go to the forest, your head will be clear and you will be able to relieve stress by strengthening your bowels and cardiopulmonary function and relieving tension. In fact, blood and saliva samples from foresters to demonstrate the effect of phytoncide were found to have low levels of cortisol hormone, a major indicator of stress

   The feeling of calming mind and body is because phytoncide with terpene increases brain alpha waves. Alpha wave is a brain wave generated when body and mind are in harmony in the state of highest consciousness and is called meditation wave. In this state, the mind and body can be stabilized, improve concentration, increase memory, and take a deep sleep with a relaxed mind.
Phytoncide is also a natural bactericidal effect and inhibits the growth of house dust mites that cause atopy.

   Recently, forest bathing is also recognized as an essential health factor in our lives such as sunbathing and sea bathing. The best place to enjoy this phytoncide is in the woods. In particular, the period of plentiful phytoncide is from summer to early autumn. The amount of phytoncide emitted at this time is 5-10 times more than in other seasons. In addition, phytoncide makes our body more comfortable and has various functions such as antibacterial, deodorant and deodorant. It is a "forest routine" in forests and trees that hides mysterious and mysterious charms.

Phytoncide to Awaken Emotion

감성과 피톤치드의 상관관계	 
The human brain handles logical processing and the right brain processes emotional thinking. Which brains are incense or smell processed? The feeling we feel in the woods can be described as "comfortable. Fresh.In particular, the fragrance in the forest is not easy to express in words, and because of the atmosphere, it is easily influenced by illogical and intuitive emotions. Therefore, the brain that handles incense or smell is considered the right brain. In addition, unlike other senses, the sense of smell does not go through the cerebral cortex, which is the brain of perception and cognition, and goes directly to the cerebral limbic system, which is the emotional brain..
The sense of smell is twice as strong as the perception that affects emotion. Different ways of thinking, depending on whether you have a good or unpleasant scent, also means that you are personally developing and socially connected to work efficiency.If we make good use of the beautiful forest phytoncide incense, our brain will be able to expand the emotional circuit and increase the emotional energy to contribute to the improvement of the individual's ability and social efficienc.

Bodhi Tree and Shakyamuni

감성과 피톤치드의 상관관계	 
Since ancient times, the monks have fasted in the deep forests and built their practice by the dew. Is it an exaggeration to say that if Shakyamuni performed under the Bodhi tree, phytoncide in the forest helped a lot? This is, of course, an area of ​​imagination, but it's certainly a scientific possibility. Phytoncide helps to meditate by inhibiting the function of the brain and activating the function of the right brain, which results in stimulating the unconscious to enter into what we commonly call nirvana.
Shakyamuni would have suppressed the conscious reaction of the left brain, which was driven by phytoncide in the deep forest to the full of the dew. The brain of logic rests and instead stimulates the right brain to get into the unconscious and get ready for the enlightenment of religion. Phytoncide from trees and soil in the forest can be assumed to be deeply related to religious meditation or faith.