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Our treeoil company is that differentiates"100% natural Phytoncide"

[] Greensense phytoncide spray natural korea(spray+3 500ml refill) odor remover air freshener room spray bedroom car room toilet

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Product Name Greensense phytoncide spray natural korea(spray+3 500ml refill) odor remover air freshener room spray bedroom car room toilet
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상품명 Greensense phytoncide spray natural korea(spray+2 500ml refill) odor remover car room air freshener spray
판매가 $56.09
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상품명 Greensense phytoncide diffuser natural air freshener 100ml odor removal in car,odor removal in home
판매가 $32.94
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상품명 Greensense phytoncide diffuser natural air freshener 2ea 100ml odor removal in car,odor removal in home
판매가 $55.20
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옵션 선택
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상품명 Greensense phytoncide spray natural korea(3 500ml refill) odor remover air freshener room spray bedroom car room toilet
판매가 $73.01
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Greensense phytoncide spray natural korea(spray+3 500ml refill) odor remover air freshener room spray bedroom car room toilet 수량증가 수량감소 80.14 (  )
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Incomparable differentiation of 'treeoil' Cypress phytoncide

※Can be proudly present in the world with
FDA safety approval
※Selected pruning of only 100% pure cypress leaves,
40 years old
wood image
※Produced without surfactant and without any emulsifier by having special extraction machine that can produce with surfactant-free technology
  ▶100% pure cypress phytoncide oil
phytoncide extraction machine
※The spraying power of the green sprayer gives you the comfort of being in the forest at once. spray image
동물들 사진들

Raising pets is a great experience for children to develop emotional stability and responsibility. Pets are an important family as pets. However, with pets, the smell of pets inside the house and other squeaky smells can be unpleasant and unpleasant to outside guests, and they love pets but are annoyed, stressed,and contaminated with air. If you keep breathing, it will harm your health Spraying chemical deodorants or fragrances because of these odors is an attempt to conceal the odor temporarily by covering it with contaminated air, which is more harmful to animals and more dangerous to humans When you go to the forest, the leaves fall off and rotten amines due to animal debris react with phytoncide and become odorless amino acids. As if the air in the forest is clear, the cypress phytoncide is caused by pets. You can get excellent deodorizing effect by removing ammonia

Why is phytoncide for sick house syndrome?

It takes about 2 to 4 years for the sick house syndrome to disappear. Therefore, it can be improved in a short time by one or two installations, but it only brings a temporary effect. In particular, sick house syndrome occurs not only in new buildings but also in the process of changing furniture and interiors, and because it can be caused by various causes such as molds and ticks in a more comprehensive concept, constant care and management are required

잎사귀 이미지100% Cypress Natural Phytoncide

Phytoncide extracted from cypress is 100% natural substance which is harmless to human body No matter how good a new house syndrome is, it's good for removing harmful substances

잎사귀 이미지Hazardous Substances Removal

The strong sterilization / antibacterial ability of phytoncide has the effect of completely decomposing and removing harmful substances of sick house syndrome in the air

잎사귀 이미지Deodorant effect

Instead of covering up the bad smell with a good scent and erasing it, it has the effect of neutralizing and breaking down the source of the bad smell The unique scent also makes you feel like you are in the woods

잎사귀 이미지Various additional effects

Not only does it remove harmful substances in sick house syndrome, but you can also feel the various effects of forests such as relieving stress, increasing concentration, and insomnia

Check the spraying power of the green sprayer!

'Treeoil' 100% Cypress natural phytoncide

100%natural cypress phytoncide what is phytoncide
세계에서 가장 으뜸 편백 피톤치드 생산기술 보유
100% cypress phytoncide oil
New surfactant-free phytoncide extraction technology,
The best in the world!
99.9% pure“It contains pure phytoncide without
any emulsifier or surfactant in cypress forest"
1.Selected 40-year-old cypress leaves with high vegetation in South Korea Prune 남해 청정지역의 식물량이 많은
40년생 편백나무 잎사귀를 선별하여
가지치기 합니다
피톤치드 추출이 용이하도록 파쇄하여
커다란 탱크 바스켓에 넣습니다
2.Shred and place in large tank baskets for easy extraction of phytoncide
3.It is put into a new technology machine and depressurized and heated at low temperature for a long time to Allow it to dissolve sufficiently in purified water 신기술 기계에 투입 감압시켜
저온에서 장시간 가열하여
편백 피톤치드 물질을
정제수에 충분히 용해되게 합니다
용해된 액상을 다시 저온
증류기계로 옮겨서 회수한 피톤치드 오일과
증류수액을 혼합해서
수증기 형태로 만듭니다
4. The dissolved liquid is transferredback to the low temperature distillation machine,and the recovered phytoncide oil is mixed with distilled water to form steam.
5.Pass the steam through the cooler and repeat the process several times to mix oil + distillation + sap well. Vacuum storage in nano form of milky color 수증기를 냉각기에 통과시켜
오일+증류+수액을 잘 혼합되게
여러차례 작업 반복하여 나노 형태의
우유빛 색깔로 진공 저장합니다
  • Easily use phytoncide in car interior
</strong><span>Morning to start the day잎사귀 이미지Easily use phytoncide in car interior Morning to start the day!
    Easily spray phytoncide into your bag and car. Phytoncide gives you a pleasant feeling to prepare for a lewd business
  • A refreshing morning with a deep sleep effect잎사귀 이미지A refreshing morning with a deep sleep effect Sterilizing, antibacterial, and deodorizing effect, it suppresses and blocks house dust mite, and it helps the deep sleep of phytoncide's fragrance
  • Reduced Sick house syndrome after moving잎사귀 이미지Reduced Sick house syndrome after moving Formaldehyde noxious gas, which is the cause of the sick house syndrome which is constantly coming out from the wall or floor after moving, is remarkably reduced when it is sprayed daily with the phytoncide sprayer easily
  • Remove mold odor, old odor in clothes잎사귀 이미지Remove mold odor, old odor in clothes It is very effective for sterilization, antibacterial and deodorization if you use phytoncide spray for various textile products such as bedding, closet, shoe box and living space.
  • Phytoncide used with our companion animals
잎사귀 이미지Phytoncide used with our companion animals Have you seen the annoying expression of your guest because of your pet smell? Phytoncide spraying in the air suppresses hair growth in dogs and cats, and provides a convenient way to remove odors easily.
  • Modern interior space
잎사귀 이미지Modern interior spaceEasily sprayed with phytoncide spray in modern environment where it is hard to ventilate with yellow dust and fine dust, it makes you feel refreshing and comfortable with the effect of air purification like woods
  • Grilled meat, grilled fish
잎사귀 이미지Grilled meat, grilled fish Ultrafine dust may cause lung cancer! Phytoncide spray removes ultrafine dust and removes odor easily
  • 섬유 다림질 할 때잎사귀 이미지When ironing textile Do you have a bad smell when you wash it? The ironing after the spraying of phytoncide spray is sterilized, antibacterial, and deodorant, and you can feel pleasant and comfortable
  • Pleasant working life space
잎사귀 이미지Pleasant working life space You can feel the pleasant space of the forest by using the spray every day such as school, office, cafe with bad air
  • Our children's rooms are especially clean
잎사귀 이미지Our children's rooms are especially clean If you spray a phytoncide spray on the basin, it will prevent diaper rash. You can protect your baby's health from various viruses by always making your baby clothes, baby supplies baby bedding and stroller comfortable with phytoncide spray
  • 아이들 공부방잎사귀 이미지Children's study room Phytoncide The fragrant scent of the woods helps to create a pleasant indoor environment for improved memory and concentration.
  • 피톤치드 리필액과 기능성 초록분사기 이미지


The trees and plants in the forest are constantly flushing into the natural air to protect and grow themselves from pests and germs. Deodorizing, antibacterial, stable, and purifying substances are all called phytoncide. The unique fragrance and fresh air in the forest make you feel the effect of forest bathing because of the application of phytoncide.
(At normal temperature, the liquid turns into gas and flies away)
Various certification materials Various certification materials Various certification materials


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